Useful links to websites or YouTube videos where you can find advice and guidance on all things photographic!

Kit reviews:                                                                   Useful site for camera/lens reviews                                                                                    Useful site for camera reviews                                                             Yet another camera review site        Prolific YouTube video producer reviewing the latest kit                                    More YouTube reviews


Lightroom and Photoshop                               Prolific YouTube video producer with excellent advice on Lightroom, Photoshop and other key      photography software                                  Lightroom training direct from Adobe                                                                                A good site for information on how to use Lightroom                                 Adobe’s own online Lightroom/Photoshop tutorials


Other software solutions                                                                                Nik now owned by DXO, new software available, worth getting just for Silver FX Pro alone! 6 other filter options to enhance your images


Photographic Services                                                                A great printing service, order on-line and they will be posted out to your home at very reasonable prices                                                                           A useful link for printing of Business Cards etc


Photography organisations                                                                        The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain                                                                                       A membership organisation that promotes all aspects of photography         The BPE exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and to recognize successful entrants via the issue of the Awards           photographic distinctions. Exhibition members share ideas, promote each other’s exhibitions and generally work together to promote competitive photography                                                                                   The International Federation of Photographic Art                                               A useful link to point you in the right direction


Visiting speaker websites                                             Visitor from 2016 – Thoresby Colliery closure                                                                        Website of Clive Haynes                                                                    Visitor in 2017, presentation of photographs from Yellowstone                                                           Visitor in 2017                            Visitor in 2018, superb display of prints, an excellent presentation                                         Visited twice, superb wildlife photographer and Canon ambassador                                               Much anticipated visitor in October 2018

www,                                                                           Superb speaker who visited in November 2018, also highly respected judge.                                             A judge not a speaker for us but his website is worth a look!

Clare Carter’s website. Visiting speaker and tour leader.                                               A new speaker for the club and much anticipated in the 2019/20 season.                                                               

Camera and lens manufacturer websites                                                       For Pentax


Online sales services                                               Online but with a shop in Dursley, very good service                                                 Warehouse Express, bought out Calumet, shop in Birmingham                                                                Shops can often be competitive with online prices                                                           London Camera Exchange


General photography advice                          Confused about the exposure triangle – have a look at this interactive guide                                                                 For anyone interested in aviation photography                                            Online photography courses               Youtuber giving UK-based landscape photography advice