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Second Club Competition Season 2011 to 2012
Autumn Walk  by  Raymond Lehky

Member Awards


1st     Autumn Walk  by  Raymond Lehky

2nd     Lady in Red  by  Sid Cooke

3rd      Rain Rain go Away  by  Heidi Robinson

Highly Commended

             The Return of the High Tide  by  Roy Cottrill

              Birch Polepore  by  Irene Matthews


               Autumn  by  Heidi Robinson

                Wasp  by  Mike Stanford


1st           Pondering  by  Mike Stanford

2nd          Sheeplines  by  Stuart Lamb

3rd           Back Rests  by  Maureen Stubbings

Highly Commended

                 Before the Storm  by  Mark Chambers


                 Poppies  by  Val Harris

                 Mr Redbreast  by  Mike Stanford

                 Pyrenean Valley  by  Stuart Lamb



Gallery Photos
Autumn Walk  by  Raymond Lehky
Autumn Walk by Raymond Lehky
Lady in Red
Lady in Red by Sid Cooke
The Return of the High Tide
The Return of the High Tide by Roy Cottrill
Birch polepore
Birch Polepore by Irene Matthews
Sheeplines by Stuart Lamb
Back Rests
Back Rests by Maureen Stubbings
Before the Storm
Before the Storm by Mark Chambers
Mr Redbreast
Mr Redbreast by Mike Stanford
Wasp by Mike Stanford
Rain Rain go Away
Rain Rain go Away by Heidi Robinson
Jess Autumn
Jess Autumn by Heidi Robinson
Pondering by Mike Stanford
Pyrenean Valley at Sunset
Pyrenean Valley at Sunset by Stuart Lamb
Summer Poppies
Summer Poppies by Val Harris