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Jim Farquhar Cup Competition 25th October 2011
Hurdlers  by  Stuart Lamb

Member Awards

Overall Winner of the Trophy

Hurdlers  by  Stuart Lamb


1st        Old Bottles  by  Robin Truran

2nd        Training Day  by  Irene Matthews

3rd          Time to Go Home   by  Keith Watkins

Highly Commended

Lady in Red  by  Sid Cooke


New Light Through Old Windows  by  Keith Watkins

The Race is on  by  Janet Roberts

Young Robin  by  Mike Stanford

All Thats Left  by  Lyn Stockall


1st          Hurdlers  by  Stuart Lamb

2nd          Keep it Steady  by  Roy Cottrill

3rd           Sids Shed  by  Robin Truran

Highly Commended

Sids Garden  by  Roy Edwards

The Thistle  by  Roy Cottrill

Over the Fence  by  Kay Wroe


Down  by  Irene Matthews

Backlit  by  Robin Truran

Back Rests  by  Maureen Stubbings

Gallery Photos
Old Bottles
Old Bottles by Robin Truran
Training Day
Training Day by Irene Matthews
Time to go Home
Time to go Home by Keith Watkins
Lady in Red
Lady in Red by Sid Cooke
New Light Through Old Windows
New Light Through Old Windows by Keith Watkins
The Race is on
The Race is on by Janet Roberts
Young Robin
Young Robin by Mike Stanford
All Thats Left
All Thats Left by Lyn Stockall
Hurdlers by Stuart Lamb
Sids Shed
Sids Shed by Robin Truran
Sids Garden
Sids Garden by Roy Edwards
Over the Fence
Over the Fence by Kay Wroe
Down by Irene Matthews
Backlit by Robin Truran
Back Rests
Back Rests by Maureen Stubbings