Interested in digital photography?
Then why not join us and enjoy the benefits of:-
- A stimulating programme of speakers
- Workshops on technique, Photoshop, composition and display
- Regular in-club and regional interclub competitions
- Summer field visits to locations of photographic interest
-Improving your own level of photographic skill
Redditch Photographic Society meet from 7.45 to 10.00 PM every Tuesday evening from September to May at
Studley Sports Centre,
Abbey Fields Drive,  Mappleborough Green,
Warwickshire B80 7BF
Summer Programme  June to August 2017–Jim Farquhar Cup.
Members can enter their summer work, as PDI’s, taken at these events, for the Jim Farquhar Cup competition in September.
a. Tues 6th June – Davis’s – Stuart to plan
b. Tues 20th June – Birmingham City Centre (we suggest the 17.12 train from Redditch arrives B’ham 17.52)
c. Tues 4th July - Tardebigge Church
d. Tues 18th July – Beoley Village promotional pictures  – drink & skittles at the village hall afterwards.
e. Tues 1 Aug – Upton Warren
f. Tues15 August – Worcester
g.      Sat 19th and Sunday 20th August – Moreton Stanley Park Festival

Evening programme 2016 to 2017

September 2016

6th Introduction to the Season.
We review the season ahead, set assignments and define our objectives. Q&A session to end.

13th Jim Farquhar Cup Competition.
Judge: David Ground LRPS
Competition for digital images taken during our Summer Visits Programme. PDIs to Mark by 05.09.16.

20th Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p
"PG Tips - Latest Creations"
We welcome back one of the most entertaining speakers on the circuit to update us with his latest work.

27th First Club Print Competition.
Judge: Dr Anne Sutcliffe FRPS, EFIAP, PPAS
Titles and PDIs of print to Mark by 19.09.16. Prints to Glynne by 20.09.16


4th Practical Workshop.
Split session Beginners/Advanced.

11th Chris Upton “Home and Away” & “Thoresby: The End of the Mine”
Evocative images from the final year of operation of Nottinghamshire’s last operational coal mine.

18th First Club PDI Competition.
Judge: Chris Baldwin
PDIs to Mark by 10.10.16.

25th Assignment “Texture”
Max 5 PDIs to TBA by 18.10.16


1st Practical Workshop.
Portraiture and Lighting.

8th  Leigh Preston FRPS, EFIAP, MPAGB: "India and Other Stories".
Travel and photojournalism in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cuba, USA, Australia, Georgia, Poland and other parts of Europe.

15th Second Club Print Competition.
Judge: Keith Long ARPS
Titles and PDIs of print to Mark by 7.11.16. Prints to Glynne by 8.11.16

22nd Hugh Miller “An Evening With Hugh”.
Our President’s long standing photographic colleague shares his superb work with us for the first time.

29th Assignment “Still life”
Choose one from ten prescribed subjects!
Max 5 PDIs to Mark by 21.11.16


6th Midland Bank Interclub Competition. Judge: Peter Clark FRPS, EFIAP/P, APSA, MPSA
We welcome Bromsgrove PS and Studley CC for our annual battle for local honours.

13th Practical Workshop.
Mark shows us how he finds a photograph.

20th Christmas Social Evening. Club member presentation, followed by drinks and mince pies.


10th Second Club PDI Competition.
Judge: Tony Dudley PDIs to Mark by 19.12.16

17th Practical Workshop.
Mark takes us through monochrome techniques.

24th Ric Harding- Tiger Tales. Amazing sights and experiences from Ric's three trips to the sub-continent

31st  Assignment ''Water''. Max 5 PDI's to Mark by 16.1.17


7th Six Societies Interclub Competition
Judge: John Bissell.
We welcome five local clubs to contest the trophy we last won in 2011.

14th Clive Haynes FRPS “PhotoShop Masterclass”
 Learn from one of the very best exponents of creative photography

21st Third Club Print Competition.
Judge: Mike Sharples ARPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE3
Titles and PDIs of print to Mark by 13.02.16. Prints to Glynne by 14.02.16

28th Practical Workshop.

MARCH 2017

7th Third Club PDI Competition.
Judge: Trevor Bell
PDIs to Mark by 27.02.17

14th Members’ Presentation Evening.
Your opportunity to try your hand at presenting your material to the Society!

21st Annual Print Competition.
Judge: John Hartshorne LRPS, DPAGB, BPE3
Titles to Mark by 13.03.16. Prints to Glynne by 14.03.16

28th Stuart Lamb “Lofoten or Bust!”
Stuart describes his epic tour of Scandinavia by campervan in the summer of 2015.

APRIL 2017
4th Rosebowl Interclub Competition
Judge: John Cartlidge EFIAP/p, APAGB, BPE4
We welcome Vale of Evesham PS and Studley CC for our annual battle for local honours.

11th Simon Weir “Yellowstone in Black, White and Infrared”
This most entertaining speaker makes a welcome return visit to show his material from the USA.

18th Annual PDI Competition.
Judge: Jon Baker MFIAP, EFIAP/p
Titles only to Mark by 10.04.17

25th MCPF Portfolio of Prints and PDIs.
Your chance to see the entries for the 2016 Photofolio exhibition, our own work included!

MAY 2017

2nd Annual General Meeting.
Interesting and lively evening – not to be missed!

9th “Battle of the Sexes”
A light-hearted, end of season ‘inter-gender’ competition, judged by one of our members.

(Fri) Annual Dinner.
Followed by presentation of awards for the year.


Lecture by Edwiin  Gumbley    ''Halesowen to Northfield Railway Line''
. With his collection of picture post cards which he has collected over the past 40 years. 

23rd End of Season Members Evening
“Your Year in Eight Images”
Social evening with Cheese and Wine afterwards
PDIs to Mark by 15.05.17
PDI: Projected Digital Image.


Competition rules and procedures for submission apply. These may be requested from the Secretary or downloaded from the society’s website.

As a courtesy to our presenters, members and visitors, mobile telephones and other devices must be both set to silent and put away during our indoor events. Thank you!

 Competition Rules revised September2016


a) The purpose of competitions is to encourage both the creation of new work and the improvement of photographic standards of all members.
b) All COMPETITION ENTRANTS must be fully paid-up members of the Society.
c) For competition purposes members are divided into: Level 1 and Level 2 (see Additional Note 1).
d) The COPYRIGHT of every entry and its components must belong to the author.
e) All entries must have originated as a photograph and have been taken by the entrant;
• Creative images must retain a significant photographic content;
• The incorporation of library clip-art/images is not permitted, however, the use of text and generic geometric shapes are allowed.
f) All IMAGES presented should have been taken by the entrant during the past 3 years.
g) PRINTS for all competitions may be of any size but the mount must not exceed 500mm x 400mm (20”x16”) and be no smaller than 240mm x 190mm (9.5”x7.5”).  Non-compliance may result in disqualification.
h)  Prints may be produced by any process, including trade processing.
i) ENTRY DEADLINES – entries or details of entries must be submitted by the date announced or they may be excluded at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.
j) COMPETITIONS will, unless otherwise stated, have two separate CATEGORIES as follows:
• PRINTS – colour or monochrome
• PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGES (PDIs) – colour or monochrome.
 Prints and Digital images will be shown on separate nights.
k) PRINTS must be marked on the back of the mount, in the top right-hand corner with:
Level (1 or 2), Title of print, Author’s name, Priority of entry (1 to 5) to allow the Competition Secretary to select approximately 80 prints per competition.  Non-compliance with the above may result in disqualification.
l) PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGES (PDIs) must be in JPEG format, have a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, SRGB colour space and be rotated into the correct orientation for viewing (see Additional note 4).

All images should be given their appropriate title only: EXAMPLE: Winter Scene.jpg

Image files and priority numbering of 1 to 5 (see Rule 1(i)), should be submitted for competition using (see Additional Note 5).

Entrants should retain duplicates of all materials submitted as no responsibility can be taken for the safe return of data.
m) COMPETITIONS will be judged by an approved PAGB external judge. The decision of the judge, judging panel, competition secretary or chairman is final.  The society cannot be held responsible for the conduct or comments of individual external judges who, by their very nature, are completely independent.
n) The Society reserves the right to withdraw any image from a competition or assignment which, in a society officer’s opinion, may be inappropriate or cause offence. Acceptability criteria will not be provided, However, where doubt exists, authors are encouraged to discuss their proposed submissions with the Competition Secretary well in advance of the submission deadline. If any image is withdrawn an opportunity will be provided for the author to submit alternative images should time allow.


a) There will be approximately 6 CLUB COMPETITIONS annually – divided equally into prints and PDIs – with each competition divided into Level 1 and Level 2.
b) Unless otherwise stated the MAXIMUM NUMBER of ENTRIES, from any one person is FIVE, PER COMPETITION.  There will be approximately 80 entries in total for each competition; any excess will be left out in accordance with the author’s specified priority for entry.  Images are not divided into CLASSES in these competitions.
c) Images in these competitions must not have received an award (i.e.1st, 2nd, 3rd,Highly Commended or Commended) in any previous CLUB competition when presented as either a Print or PDI.  Images that have not received an award may be entered into one further club competition.
d) Any image or minor variant thereof must not be entered into more than two Club Competitions as either a print or a PDI.  If minor alterations or adjustments have, for example, been suggested by a Judge on the image’s first submission, resubmission with such amendments implemented will count as the image’s second and final entry into a Club Competition.
e) The same image or minor variant thereof shall not be entered into both print and PDI competitions.
f) Members entering CLUB competitions will accrue aggregate points throughout the Society Year (Sept-May) as follows:   FIRST – 5 points;  SECOND – 4 points;  THIRD – 3 points;  HIGHLY COMMENDED – 2 points; COMMENDED – 1 point.
 NB:  these points will count towards the Annual Aggregate Award.

3. JIM FARQUHAR CUP COMPETITION this is an open competition for PDIs only, with levels 1 and 2 combined.
a) This is a competition comprising images only taken on visits specified in the official Summer Programme immediately preceding the competition.
b) Unless otherwise stated the MAXIMUM NUMBER of ENTRIES from any one entrant is FIVE.  There will be approximately 80 entries selected and any excess will be left out in accordance with the author’s specified priority of entry as stated in the General Rules.
c) These images may be entered into both the Annual PDI Competition and up to two Club PDI Competitions.
d) The file naming convention is as Rule 1(l)

4. ANNUAL COMPETITIONS (Prints and PDIs), Open Competitions (levels 1 and 2 combined).

a) Entries for ANNUAL COMPETITIONS should represent the authors’ best work during the current season and ideally have won an award in a previous CLUB or JIM FARQUHAR CUP COMPETITION.  Images must have been previously submitted and accepted into one of the current season’s competitions (Sept-May).

Note that:
• Any prints or PDIs, or minor variants thereof, may only be entered in ONE Annual Competition.
• The same image or minor variant thereof shall not be entered in both Print and PDI  Annual Competitions.
• Any image being entered into an Annual Competition must be exactly as submitted and accepted into a previous Club Competition in the current season, with no further alterations.
b) Entries for annual competitions are divided into CLASSES as follows:

• ARCHITECTURE – Buildings, Ruins, Details, Features
• LANDSCAPE – including Waterscapes and Townscapes
• WILDLIFE – images entered in the Annual Wildlife Class (prints & PDIs) subjects must be free and unrestrained (although scientific bands, scientific tags or radio collars on wild animals are permissible). Wildlife is not limited to animals, birds and insects; marine and botanical subjects including fungi and algae taken in the wild are suitable for the Wildlife Class.

No techniques that add, relocate, replace, or remove pictorial elements except cropping are permitted.  Techniques that enhance the presentation but without altering the content of the original scene including HDR, focus stacking and dodging/burning are permitted.

Colour images can be converted to greyscale monochrome but Infrared images are not allowed.

Subjects not permitted are: human created hybrid plants, cultivated plants, feral animals, domestic animals, or mounted specimens are ineligible as is any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement.

 The title must include the common name of the subject plus its Scientific/Latin name in parenthesis, appropriately capitalised.  Such titles may additionally describe particulars of the subject, such as its behaviour in technical terms.  For example: “Sky pointing Posture, Gannet (Sula bassana)”.  Note that ‘pictorial’ or anthropomorphic titles (e.g. “Two Funny Sparrows Having a Chat on a Branch”) are not allowed.

(If you require the full definition of Nature Photography as defined by the MCPF PAGB please ask the Competitions Secretary or the Club Secretary for more details).

• PICTORIAL  – includes all general subjects not covered elsewhere including flowers and animals etc. that are not eligible for the Wildlife Class.
• PORTRAITURE  – of People or Animals, from head only to full length.
• SPORT & ACTION – People, Animals, and Machines.
• STILL LIFE  – a set display of Objects or Materials.

c) File naming for the Annual PDI competition should be as required for club competitions with the addition of the class you wish to enter the image in ie Architecture, Landscape, Wildlife, Pictorial, Portraiture, Sport & Action and Still Life.

 Therefore the overall structure should be:  Class Name;Image Title

EXAMPLE:   Wildlife; Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

d) Note: NO PDI’s need to be submitted as they have been already used during the year so we have a copy of them.  This also ensures the image has not been altered from the last competition in which it was used.  Prints of course will still be required.
e) The CLASS into which an image is entered must be made clear to the Competition Secretary at the time the title is submitted; otherwise it will be included in the Pictorial Class by default.  However, entries are required from at least three authors for the class to exist; otherwise they will be classed as Pictorial.
f) Annual Competitions are held separately for Prints and PDIs, with a FIRST place and trophy awarded to the WINNERS of each class, plus trophies for the overall best print and PDI.  Overall FIRST, SECOND & THIRD awards are chosen from the CLASS WINNERS; HIGHLY COMMENDED & COMMENDED can then be selected from the remaining entries at the judge’s discretion.

 INTER-CLUB COMPETITIONS (open to Levels 1 and 2)
Entries for INTER-CLUB competitions will be selected by the Selection Panel at a Special Meeting and be in accordance with the rules of the competition.
There are three such competitions during the year as follows:

i) MIDLAND BANK INTER-CLUB COMPETITION – held in December.  Participants: Bromsgrove PS, Studley CC and Redditch PS. (Prints and PDIs).
ii) SIX SOCIETIES INTER-CLUB COMPETITION – held in February.  Participants: Bromsgrove PS, Studley CC, Kings Norton PS, Droitwich CC , Redditch PS and Wythall PS. (Prints only).
iii) ROSE BOWL COMPETITION – held in April.  Participants:  Evesham PS, Studley CC, and Redditch PS (Prints and PDIs).

 Additional notes to accompany Competition Rules


Competitions are divided into two levels:
• Level 1 – the more advanced members will generally receive limited critique from judges
• Level 2 – are improvers who will receive critique and guidance on how issues of technique and composition may be enhanced.
New members joining the Society will be asked about their experience in photography.  If they wish they can submit a portfolio of images to be appraised by the Selection Panel as to which Level they should join at, (not necessary if they are happy to start in Level 2).  There will be opportunity to appeal if they feel they have not been assigned to the right level.
To advance from L2 to L1 members who have demonstrated a consistently high standard throughout the season and have a clear understanding of the requirements of competitive photography will be invited to join Level 1 in their next  season.  Members with the highest aggregate in Level 2 print or PDI will automatically be considered for promotion to Level 1.
The Selection Panel may also recommend others to go forward according to their achievement over the year.
Once members have moved to the higher level the decision cannot be reversed.
There is no pressure on anybody to enter competitions; you may come along just to enjoy the photography.

2. THE JIM FARQUHAR CUP (often referred to as the JF Cup)

• The images for this competition have to be taken as part of the Summer Programme.
• This competition comprises of PDI images only.
• It is open to L1 and L2 members on an equal footing.
• This competition does not attract aggregate points.
• It is an opportunity to learn from each other.
• The competition is usually staged in the first month of a new Season (September).
• The Winner will receive the John Farquhar trophy at the end of the season.


Aggregate points are awarded in all six Club Competitions throughout the club year (September to May) as follows:
FIRST  = 5 points
SECOND = 4 points
THIRD = 3 points
COMMENDED = 1 point


Special care should be taken when adding your title to PDI images for competitions.  Spelling, punctuation and spaces are crucial.  Mistakes will not normally be corrected by the Competition Coordinator; consequently any errors will appear on screen during competitions.
You may change a title of an image that has already been entered once into a competition but the original title must be stated, in brackets, alongside the new title when you text your entries to the Competition Secretary or Coordinator.

5. for PDI’s and accompanying PDI’s for Prints

PDI images entered into competitions should be sent to the coordinator using the  If the competitor experiences difficulties with this method of submission, an alternative method such as hand delivery on a CD-ROM may be allowed at the discretion of the competition coordinator, providing agreement is reached beforehand, in all cases the files must be received by the coordinator identified in the programme by the stated deadline.
Entrants should retain duplicates of all materials submitted as no responsibility can be taken for the safe return of media.
Instructions to use wetransfer:-
It is so easy when you try it. No need to register or set up an account.  It is Free.
• Go to the below link:-
• Click Take Me To Free
• Click I agree to the T&C (first time you use it)
• Click Add Files (Navigate to where you store your images on your PC, click on the images you want to send, click open in that window and it adds them to wetransfer)
• Select your images to enter
• Enter the following E-Mail address in Friends E-Mail –
• Enter your E-Mail address
• Enter your priority and your name in the message box
• Click Transfer
• When they have been downloaded you will receive an E-Mail confirmation.
If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation they have not been received and you will need to contact the Competition co-ordinator.


Wherever possible the Society engages judges from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) approved Judges, preferably from the A-panel list, the Society cannot be held responsible for the conduct or comments of individual external judges who, by their very nature, are completely independent.


Each print should be clearly labelled in the top right-hand corner on the reverse side of the print:
Level, Title of print, Author’s name,  Priority of entry (1-5). 
The latter enables the Competition Secretary to eliminate prints from the competition if there are more than 80 entries, (any entries left out can, of course, be re-submitted in a future competition).
The rear of the mount must be clean and devoid of any type of adhesive, hooks or staples etc. which may cause damage to an adjacent print when stacked together.
*You may change a title of an image that has already been entered once into a competition but the original title must be stated, in brackets, alongside the new title when advising the Competitions Secretary or Coordinator of your titles.